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Jahbari's Sweetness

Inspired by the smiles of a 9 year old boy

Aroma Melts

  • Shantau’s Day

    A Day to Yourself White Musk
    Turkish Rose

  • Adosa’s Benevolence

    A Mother’s Kindness Guava
    Pineapple Juice

  • Jahbari’s Sweetness

    Summertime favorite
    Tropical Fruits
    Mountain Greens

  • Jahdani’s Laughter

    Sweetness in the Dark
    Dark Rose

  • Romaine’s Love

    Black Love

Spring in Living Colors

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Jahdani's Laughter

Inspired by a 5yr old boy who loves to laugh

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Roxanne M.
Shantau’s Day

I feel like my review won't even do this candle justice! this scent the beautiful vessel the entire product is truly amazing lit or not this candle makes the difference after I've finished cleaning or whenever I just need to feel better in my home office! 


Chassity P.
Romaine’s Love

Romaine’s love provides an escape in your own home. The scent in sensual, complex, and not overly sweet like other candles on the market. From the luxurious packaging to the beautiful vessel, you will feel as if your have been transported to the most exquisite, high-end resort spa in the world. If you are a person who appreciates warm, creamy, and sophisticated scents, I would definitely recommend Romaine’s Love.


Chassity P.

These candles are exceptional. Not only is the scent of the candle unique, rich, and luxurious but the vessel is elegant and sleek. The slow-burning, crackling wick enhances the experience and adds to the tranquil environment that this candle provides. If you are looking for a luxury candle that is handcrafted and exceeds your expectations, I highly recommend Luxable Fragrances. 


Raphael U.
Shantau’s Day

I love the details in the candle and the amazing fragrance. Definitely screams affordable luxury and the packaging/presentation was 10/10


Florence R.
Jahdani's Laughter

Jahdani's Laughter is the candle I purchased this candle is the very essential essence of beauty. Nothing is more memorable than the smell of a candle that completes the beauty ofa fragrance that speaks to your heart. And this candle does all of those things I am happy I purchased this candle. Because it brings calmness and peace to my home. ♥️♥️♥️ 


Jete V.
Shantau’s Day

The beauty of this product wows me.
The true essence of women is embodied in a Shautau's Day Candle.


Process Walk through

Our scented candles are meticulously crafted by hand, undergoing a rigorous and complex process that involves an exceptional level of attention to detail.


Luxable Fragrance products are the result of a team of exceptional perfumers who meticulously craft them using premium and intricate fragrance oils. These oils are carefully selected to bring out the opulence of our scented products, making them the ideal ingredient to enhance the ambiance of any living space.



Our workshop in Port Saint Lucie, Florida produces exclusively handmade candles. The process starts with the thorough cleaning of the vessels to remove any dust or debris. Afterwards, the wicks are set up and placed at the bottom of each vessel, ensuring they remain perfectly centered. Finally, the glasses are aligned on stainless steel counters and the wax is poured into them.


After the fragrance oil and melted wax have been thoroughly combined and blended, they are carefully poured by hand into each aligned wicked vessel.


When the wax is poured the wicks will slightly shift due to the height and the weight of blend in the vessel. Once the wax starts the solidify, the wicks straighten by hand.


Trimming & Surfacing

The candles undergo a surfacing process, which involves melting the top layer slightly to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

The wick is then trimmed at a specific height to ensure optimal burning during the first use.


Our vessels are both timeless and exquisite, which is why we choose to hand-label only our custom gift boxes for Luxable Fragrances candles. This helps to emphasize the uniqueness of our candles.

Protection as a Gift

Every Luxable Fragrances candle vessel is packaged in a custom box adorned with our signature Lady Luxable labels and a golden lock, which not only makes them easily recognizable but also provides optimal protection. Our packaging process is done manually to ensure the best possible protection for each candle.

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